Dear Diary #1 (WEEK FROM HELL)


  1. jewel jewel says:

    Hey friend, its been ages since we last spoke hahaha!!! lol chatted with you on your birthday. since nobody commented here i gotta be the first one to do it lol!!!…The good part about working in a law firm or any firm i guess is the fact that there is always free full wifi hahahahaha!!!! so decided to check out wat has been cooking on here and i must say this whole journey, the blog, the odds, beauty, fashion….is amaze balls wowza!!! lol i remember in high school when it seemed like everything about you was complicated nd you were always a third wheel in every friendship (funny old days) and relationships, today, seeing what you started on here am proud to be happy and whelmed for you…tho its been years since we spoke, spoke, spoke lol! but am happy that you have found your passion and finally embraced who you are #theoddity. Enough with the long talk lol!! before hommies people and new friends here would hate on my comment but hey! who cares my dad says success has so many friends and you my friend are a success to me and would would always be. be inspired each day so you can inspire others…God loves you more than you know.
    p.s i was always jealous of you cause you were an extrovert so outspoken, smart, daring and me lol!! of course i was very reserved, in between timid and daring and of course smart lol! gotta get back to work!!!
    p.s your once close friend!

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