Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Grad School


  1. Atira says:

    I’m one of those special cases that started Grad school while still an Undergrad and this is LITERALLY HOW I FEEL! Being an Undergrad is one thing so trying to balance both worlds at once is crazy hectic and definitely requires wayyyy more reading than I knew I could swallow

  2. Deborah says:

    I don’t think going to grad school straight out of undergrad is crazy – in fact, that’s what I thought I would do when I was an undergrad haha!

  3. Nicole Booz says:

    I’ve always heard that people do sooooo much reading in grad school! I love reading for fun but I’m not sure if I could handle all the reading for school. You go girl!

  4. Nicole Leigh says:

    I was so interested to read your section about being a youngin. I went back & forth w/ the idea of getting my masters and decided since I didn’t jump right into after graduating with my BA, I wasn’t going to go for it. I often thought most people did it after school, so it’s interesting to hear that you’re in classes w/ older people in your field. utilize ’em! talk about a great networking opportunity. x, nicole //

  5. Chinny says:

    Sis, can be talking about this weekly readings for each class? I don’t get it! Last week, my professor called me to ask a question from one of the last readings…I’m like excuse me Dr. Z, please let’s skip me . Love the mention about every student’s path being different…

  6. Tara Fuller says:

    sending you all my best vibes – i remember the jump from undergrad to a master’s and yes, the shock of how VERY different the experience is was very jarring to me at first too. It’ll get easier and you’ll soon enough get used to the pace. just remember to take care of you in the midst of all that! xoxo – Tara

  7. I did the same – went straight into grad school from undergrad – and I can relate so much to every single one of these. I went to grad school abroad, which has it’s own set of challenges, and despite having a small class of only a dozen, I was by far one of the youngest. Most of my fellow students were coming back to school after taking a break, or in a few cases going back after 20+ years of work in a related field. It was crazy! But you’ll get into the swing of things by the end of this first semester and it’ll be easy-going after that! The hardest part for me was definitely keeping up with reading/studying – you have to have excellent multi-tasking and time-management skills.

    • wow! Yes exactly! It is definitely a huge dilemma especially being from out of the country wow. My skills in timemanagement are being tested to the T lol but I am hanging in there! Thanks hun

  8. Sydney Pollock says:

    I totally needed this as a college senior! Thanks for sharing it was super helpful.

  9. Kandace Branch says:

    Do not feel overwhelmed. Find buddies in your courses and start Google docs to share class notes and study materials. I also went straight through from undergrad to grad (and still in school working towards a doctorate). I think the most important thing is to consider your end goal. If you plan to pursue a doctorate, start narrowing your academic focus, writing, submitting to journals, and attending conferences. No one in my master’s program told me this and I now know that it would have made my Ph.D. program a lot easier.

  10. Dana Glenn says:

    THAT INTRO QUOTE! Amen, lady.

    This post is so helpful, as I am considering going back to school for my masters in the next few years. Kudos to you for working your butt off to make your dreams a reality.

  11. Justyna says:

    I love the quote ‘it’s okay to be different’ and I totally agree! That is what makes us special …:)

  12. adriana says:

    Love love love this! I didn’t do grad school after going back and forth a LOT. It’s so tailored and this is a great list!

  13. Luci says:

    Love the beginning quote. I never went to college but I had a lot of friends talk about the highs and lows go through it.

  14. Karla says:

    Indeed! When I finished my college years I never imagined how much different it is. I just thought that it would be same but literally not. Anyways, I enjoyed reading this post. 🙂

  15. Sarah Fatima says:

    Great read! I have done my masters recently and I must say that your post is on the point. I love reading, so reading was not a big deal for me. The proactive approach is something that was tough for me. But somehow I learned to manage this all. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  16. Cassie Benzinger says:

    I’m glad you shared this, undergrad is totally different from grad school – I remember my first few weeks of grad school… it’s definitely an adjustment, but you’ll pick up on what works best for you soon enough 🙂 Good luck!

  17. Ray says:

    I am thinking about going to grad school right after I Dinah my under grad. I would love to read more post about grad school from you. I think it will definitely help me out.

  18. This is a very interesting read. I know so many people that have gone back to school or continued on to grad school and the struggles they have ensured to do so. I personally was never one cut out for school, lol. My goal was to be in and out as quickly as possible and and whatever degree I could wrap up in under two years taking a full load would be great, so I have a deep respect for those that can adhere to this lifestyle.

  19. I did my post graduate studies in a different field to my undergraduate studies so I find it hard to compare the two. Plus I had a full time job when I completed my masters. I enjoyed reading this though!

  20. azanique rawl says:

    This is the perfect post for me because I’ll be going to grad school in January! I’ll be a year and half out of school by then and I totally feel like I’ll be less experienced than my classmates. Thank you for being honest about the reading and commitment!

    -xo, Azanique |

  21. Jeana Schreiber says:

    I have been very scared to start grad school because of the things you described. I don’t have a ton of experience in my field and I just can’t imagine having to do so much for each class. I will eventually have to go back, but for now I’m glad someone else is experiencing the same thing.

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