Destroying Me Before I’ve Even Begun- A recovering Self Sabotage(r)


  1. Rose says:

    Yassss!!!! Like I always say love, you got this and I am always proud of you and would always be your biggest hype woman where ever.

    You are doing amazing never you ever forget it. Like you said those moments would come, always remind yourself how great you are and how amazing you have always done and would always do!

    Love you loads

  2. Jesshyacinth says:

    Sofi you are such a talented human and you are a huge source of inspiration to me, I tell people about you all the time.
    This entire post describes what I have been going through, a couple of friends called me out on it and I am trying to work on getting out of my head and just doing. Its such a struggle but I will keep pushing.

    I cant wait to see the amazing things you get up to.

    Black Girl With No MELANIN

  3. Mira says:

    The best thing about your content is how relatable you are. You’ve got this. I’m super happy that you’ve finally decided to love yourself a bit more and trust in your capabilities. It won’t be easy, it will be worth it and we will definitely be here to cheer you on

  4. Toekeey says:

    Damn I can’t believe I can relate to this. Thanks sofi

  5. Chisom Onyekwere says:

    I really enjoyed reading this! I’m currently in a season of actively fighting against this spirit of self-sabotage. For me it’d also be a subconscious side of me prompting me to see value and worth in the things I do and who I am after people approve of me or compliment me. So I’m currently in a season of consciously saying no to this voice and it’s hard because I’m just learning to be aware of how it creeps in. So I really enjoyed your post because I’d always be hesitant to live my dreams and explore my interests in the present because there’d be a voice that’s like “you’re going to end up trailing off and leaving your future and purpose behind” and on the flip side if I cling to the future so much I fall short of doing the work needed to be done in the present. So what ends up happening is that I start having a tug of war with my mind, instead of living in the moment and trusting God with my future and letting go because it was never mine to control to begin with

  6. Abimbola Adeyeye says:

    Hi Sofie… I’m 4months late I know, but I’m definitely leaving a comment. So for the longest time I’ve always been this girl who had big dreams and aspirations, spoke about time with pride, relished in the idea but who shrunk at the slightest thought of getting it started…but like you wrote finding a sense of self and good friends who pushes you to be better helped me a lot… I’m not there yet but I’m definitely taking steps now.
    A little digression: I found you on twitter and i must say your laugh and enthusiasm blew my mind completely..
    A new fangirl❤️❤️

  7. Hlelo says:

    Hey Sofie, thank you for this blog, I am currently going through a wave of self sabotage myself. I have always been a lazy person with big dreams and somehow for the past few years I was able to get things done but since last year I cannot do anything with my life. I moved to a different city to do my masters degree but I have only been able to submit a proposal and been work on the literature review for almost a year now. I cannot get myself to do anything productive , even when I get motivated somewhere I can’t be consistent. I am hoping your approach to self-sabotage will help… Love you and your videos all the way from South Africa.

  8. Princess says:

    I LOVE this
    my goodness do I love this
    An hour ago I sat in front of my laptop, unable to write because of allll the reasons you mentioned here
    I don’t feel that way anymore
    I don’t
    So thank you Sofi
    And thank your friend who is a GOD SEND!!!

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