“Consistency is not rocket science, it is commitment” — Mattie Logie Hey guys! Guess who is back! Back again! Meeee (lol) I genuinely love writing because I often feel like I am talking to you personally and that’s pretty cool. So, I have been pouring out ideas lately on where I want to take the […]

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The New Blogger Guide: How to Blog Consistently

Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash A quick disclaimer before I begin this post because I have gotten a lot of questions lately about why I have been posting a lot more blogging tips. I created this platform to help people however way I can, and right now, most of my readers are newbie bloggers, hence the […]

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Top 5 Questions Every Newbie Blogger Needs to be Asking- Part 1

“Being a creative is not a hobby, It is a way of Life” — Anon In a few short months, this blog has grown tremendously from an idea in my head, to this wonderful community of people who follow me for genuine content and who are constantly supporting me.  I have had to learn how […]

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Top 10 “HOW TO BLOG” Bloggers You Should Be Following on Instagram